Castle of Alviano

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Travel Time:
25 minutes by Bike | 60 minutes on foot | 15 minutes by car

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Alviano Castle was built in the Middle Ages, circa 995, as a military fortress by Count Offredo from Germany.

In 1490 the valiant commander Architect Bartolomeo d’Alviano commenced reconstruction work, transforming the fortress into a typical Renaissance castle. The castle occupies a strategic position overlooking the Tiber Valley and for this very reason it has witnessed numerous battles. Between the middle of the 17th century and the end of the 19th century the castle was acquired at auction by the Pamphili family who used it as their residence.
Today, the upper floor is the seat of the town council, while the ground floor is occupied by an important conference centre. The basement now houses the Civilization of Peasant Farming Museum and the multimedia Bartolomeo d’Alviano Museum: a didactical museum also with a study centre and computer room available to anyone who wishes to read up on the topic.