Amelia Cathedral

Travel time: 20-minute drive | 2 hours and 58 minutes walk Our rating: To visit The co-cathedral of Amelia is dedicated to Saint Firmina, the young daughter of the prefect of the city Calpurnio, [...]


Travel time: 43 minutes by car Our rating: To visit Orvieto, in the province of Terni, is a city with a historical and artistic heritage, in some respects, unique in Umbria of its kind. A [...]

Narni underground

Travel time: 36 minutes by car Our rating: To visit They were six boys of the Speleological Group of the UTEC of Narni who, intent on trying new ropes, descending from the top of what are now the [...]

Civita di Bagnoregio

Travel time: 47 minutes by car Our Opinion: Very suggestive Nicknamed the dying city, due to the constant erosion of the tuff rocks on which it stands, this citadel halfway between Orvieto and [...]

Castle of Alviano

Travel Time: 25 minutes by Bike | 60 minutes on foot | 15 minutes by car Our Opinion: To Visit Alviano Castle was built in the Middle Ages, circa 995, as a military fortress by Count Offredo from [...]

Lugnano in Teverina

Travel time: 5 minutes by bike | 30 minutes on foot | 5 minutes by car Our Opinion: Absolute Must Lugnano in Teverina is located at 419 m. above sea-level in the Monti Amerini of Southern Umbria [...]