Ramici Thermal Baths

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Tempo di percorrenza:
60 minutes by bike | 90 minutes on foot | 20 minutes by car

Our opinion: Not to be missed

The Thermal Baths with their sulphurous sulphate alkaline earthy sodic-muriated water is located near the Tiber,

How to get to the Terme (Thermal Baths)

By car following the road to Attigliano (10 min.)

On horseback, by bike or on foot along a country path.

This is the ancient route that connected Lugnano in Teverina with the Tiber Valley: along the way you will come across the Morre fountain and the ruins of Ramici Castle.

Testimonials to an ancient farming community, the traces of which still remain in Lugnano in Teverina even to this day. Here in this corner of Umbria so richly imbued in history, the rhythm of life and traditions of past times have been maintained.

There is an outstanding panorama of the surrounding countryside: the clayey badlands that in May are coloured with the vivid yellow of wild broom, and the hills of the Tiber Valley densely populated with vineyards and olive groves.

One can see as far as Monte Soratte near Rome, the Monti Cimini bordering Viterbo, and the Badlands of Civita di Bagnoregio. Also, on every hill it is possible to make out an ancient town, some in the province of Terni (Giove, Alviano, Guardea, Montecchio, Porchiano del Monte), and others in the province of Viterbo (Montefiascone, Bomarzo, Graffignano, Celleno, Civitella d’Agliano, Castiglione in Teverina, Bagnoregio, Lubriano).

The Tiber is the common denominator in this landscape, flowing gently along in the midst of a peaceful and evocative setting, dividing and uniting Lazio and Umbria.

The water at Terme di Ramici has therapeutic properties for

Chronic diseases of the joints, bones and muscles.

Skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis.

Inflammation of female genital.

Venous pathologies affecting the lower limbs.

Purifying effect on digestive system, liver, and biliary tracts if drunk.

Additionally, the sulphuric waters of Terme di Ramici have an invigorative and regenerative effect.

The thermal bath structure is very simple; designed so as not to distort the natural setting. It is located in a flattish area that is quiet and isolated, crossed by the Tiber and framed by the clayey badlands, a geological feature that is more typical in Lazio than in Umbria.

A large bath, divided by an artificial stream collects the water flowing from the fountain. Around the bath there are a series of wooden gang-planks with fences. This forms part of a nature walk through an area of typical local vegetation in one of the most beautiful of the Tiber valleys.

The structure is completed with a car park and staging area for horses.